Chola Dynasty

The Chola Dynasty :-

The another great dynasty of India was Chola’s. When in the Golden Age of India, Gupta’s were ruling northern part of India, the Chola’s were well-settled in South.
They ruled in the southern part of India mostly.This Tamil dynasty are in inscriptions from the 3rd century BC left by Asoka, of Maurya Empire; as one of the Three Crowned Kings, the dynasty continued to govern over varying territory until the 13th century AD.
The main land of Chola was fertile valley of Kaveri but they ruled a significantly larger area at the height of their power from the later half of the 9th century till the beginning of the 13th century under the kings like “Rajaraja Chola” and his son “Raja Rajendra Chola”…
They became a military, economic and cultural power in South Asia and South-East-Asia,
and also ruled cities like Srivijaya which is now in the Indonesia, island like Maldives and of course The Srilanka…
Rajendra Chola sent a victorious expedition to North India that touched the river Ganga and defeated the Pala ruler of Pataliputra, Mahipala.
In the begining of 13th century Chola dynasty started to decline, the new dynasty started to rise, they were Pandyas…, and who ultimately became reason for the downfall of Chola’s Dynasty.
But every Indian dynasty has famouse for their contribution in literature and monuments. The Chola kings were avid builders and envisioned the temples in their kingdoms not only as places of worship but also as centres of economic activity. They had been built various Dravidian Styled Shiva temples along the banks of Kaveri, the great examples still in the presence are the temples of Thanjavur,built in 1009 AD & temple of Gangaikondacholisvaram at Gangaikondacholapuram,built in 1030 AD.
The Chola’s pioneered a centralised form of government and established a disciplined bureaucracy.
That was really a Golden Age of Indian History, The Chola’s…Great Warriors,Art Lovers and totally different Architects!!!

Note : For the victory over the Srivijaya, Raja Rajendra Planted his elephants on his ships and made a glorious success over Srivijaya, then immediately he did attack on Bengal and also made victory over it…And these victories made Chola’s The biggest empire after the Gupta’s…!

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  • 1. The Story Of India by Michael Wood

Discriptions Of the Images –

  1. Map of the Chola Dynasty
  2. Flag of Chola’s
  3. Temple ofThanjavur,built in 1009 AD
  4. Portrait of Raja Rajendra
  5. Portrait of Rajaraja and his Guru Karuvurar.
Map of the Chola Dynasty
Flag of Chola’s
Temple ofThanjavur,built in 1009 AD
Portrait of Raja Rajendra
Portrait of Rajaraja and his Guru Karuvurar.
Airavateshvara temple built by Rajaraja II
Nandi at Airavateshvara Temple
One sculpture at Airavateshvara temple
Airavateshvara Temple inside!!
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When I realised that the sun is too dark it was too late,I had left my destination too far away…the sand was trying to burn my feet.That darky sun was laughing at me.But I decided that to never react to them,though I left my destination behind,I had no option besides go ahead.I decided to walk.Though it was too hot,there must be some place where a shadow is just waiting for me.I had belief that though I had left everything so long away,there must be new place which will be more calm and less hot than this.So I moved from there…walked so much long enough…
The sun started to get down,sand started to get cold,the night was extremely awesome and cold which was started to fridge me,but it was new excitement for me because I knew that there should be new Dawn after this heavy night…and then the new dawn was started to arose…and at that new sun’s beginning I found you…which became my new destination…which is too lovely and too shiny…just like a fresh water from desert…And now its impossible to leave you…because you are my rebirth and without soul body is just useless…Love you!!!

  • Harsh (Hrishi Raj)
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Saare shaher dhund liye…tera sheher bas chhod ke…har jagah lekin tujhsa kuch mil gaya…pucha toh pataa chala unko yaadein kehte hai sab…
Kuch mere se pahele wali…toh kuch sharon me mere baad wali…dono me tum bahot alag thi…toh chala aaya uss shaher me jaha woh yaadein thi teri mere sath wali…
Wapas jab dhundane gaya tujhe toh yaadon se pata chala ke tum ab uss shaher me rehti ho…jaha kisi aur ki yaadein tum ab simat rahi ho…
Suna hai yaadon se…ki tumhe aaj bhi woh shaher bahot yaad aata hai…
Par naye yaadein banane ka silsila chaltaa rehna chahiye…
Ho sakta hai ke wapas usi sheher me aa jaaye hum…par waqt waisa nahi hoga…kyon ki woh shaher ab waisa nahi hoga…
Yaadein hongi…sukun hoga…par ab koi humara ek sa mukaam nahi hoga…has ke dekh lenge yaadon ko…kyon ki abhi aur bahot shaher baaki hai…tere alag se…mere alag se…par ab lagtaa hai ke… tera shaher shayad main kabhi dhund nahi paunga!!!

Hrishi Raj as Harsh

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Marine Drive

While searching for a space in this city i had seen so many places which were noisy and burst by the crowd…

Mumbai is not that much bad how much they all says…

Welcome back guys to my diary of rainy days…or what we says…Love in the Rainy Days…

Now its Aug of 2018’s… And what have attracted me is Marine Drive…I was here before…but today I was alone…chilling with the slow drops of rain…chilling with unrecognized couples…and with 2 crows who were roaming around there…!!!

No body wanted to disturb others…Nobody wanted to stolen their own moments…

What I have felt was everyone was in their own flow…everybody was looking at the brown sea…

At first instance I felt little nervous after looking at the dust here and there with the oceans mighty waves…

But in few minutes I also got to use of it…and never felt that way…

Marine Drive is a rich place of this city…to see, to relax and for few morning and evening exercise…

Once in a life time go alone there and you’ll feel soul minded…

Hrishi Raj…as…Loveintherainydays!!!

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Drunken Diary Epiaode -2

The Drunken Diary…Episode 2

So guys believe me so much have been changed in these 4 years…my look, spects, apartment, mine “ENGLISH” and few girlfriends too…
Whatever…what is not changed is ma past. And on serious note… I cant help it!
Guys so in this part I am going to tell you the secrets that why I was drinking that bloody beers at the 2 PM.
So as you know that I shared that old man was too much impressed with me and given me few piece of advice. He thought that I was an open book and have no secrets.
Not to judge but there is not a single person on this earth who dont have any single secret…And you know all wars and secrets has origines with…………..WOMAN…….
Lets start it guys again I am Hrishi Raj your own writer and host…sharing my own thoughts, feelings and word to word from my DRUNKEN DIARY…!
And I was again started to think what am I doing there?
I had a beautiful life like a gentleman and one gorgeous girlfriend too. Now I dont have both. I had decided to pay the bill so I ordered cheque after finishing that last bottle.
The drunk person can think more positively than any other thats what I realized when I was too much in negative condition. (It was sarcastic by the way) So I left that bar and started to walk towards my car. (another note…this is my story and no one should write in the comment that I never had a car in my entire life)
So guys i checked my pockets for the keys, now opened the door and covered myself with that damn sit belt and suddenly that happened again…”The Typical Precap.” I dont know why but we Indians are very much filmy anad over melo-dramatic.
It was a sunday. I was in the middle of my sweet dream and suddenly nightmare happened to me.
That nightmare oh God it was fucking horrifying… But that would be in the next segment.
I woke up and I was sweating from the all parts of my body…. No no…not because of that nightmare but it was a month of April and Govt had decided to power cut fo 3 hours in a day.
Without brushing my teeth I was rushed to take a shower.
And she knocked at the door of my bathroom.
“Hrishi come fast… I am getting late. I have to go to meet my mom. Come fast and drop me… And baby…there is a secret I have to tell you.
You got it right? THE WHOLE SECRET THING…!!!
Now that soap had taken place of that sweat and now only one place remained from where that bloody sweat can come out….My forehead….Marathit kase mhantaat….KAPAAL MAZE….
Yeah baby give me 2 minutes and I will be there….I said it with all calmness.
I dressed up. I pushed myself towards the hall.

Yes baby tell me….what secret?
Come lets go….I will tell you in the midlle of the road. I reacted, ” Ohhhhhhkkkkk.”
So we went to my car and got fixed inside it.
I started and reversed it.
We didnt have breakfast today. Lets get stopped at Goodluck and have chai and bun maska?, I asked.
No…I am not that much hungry, she replied
Ok then lets go.
So baby you were saying something about secrets….I pushed clutch and that topic also.
Yeah baby… You know my mom is here today and I am planning to invite her for the dinner tonight. She said.
Ohh good…Where you wanna go for dinner? I asked.
Attt ourrrr Houseeeeee….
And I pressed break with my another leg.
What? She knows that we are staying together? I asked her with amazed eye expressions.

No dear, she dont have any clue either…
So you wanna me to move out and stay at any friend’s place for few days? Its fine no issues….

N…no….not that too….she said it with a great smile.
Ohh sorry she had a great smile in the entire world…Its my mistake that I didnt mention it befor….
So continue….Then? What???
You should stay there. I wanna tell her something infront of you.
What? Tell me now dont creat suspence…please.
And then she said those words……Guys…It was a first sign that she wanted to………
Ok not spoiling…
Ok tell me…baby I wanna tell her that we are going to get married….
But we never had a discussion about it.
I dont mind but you should have to tell me first right. I said it gently….
So thats why I am saying it now….she replied again….
Now…means now now???? Great…Atleast you should have to give me a day to think….but you have decided and I have….no opinion…Thank you….I said it with much anger….
No baby I had thoughts whole night about it and therefore now I am saying….
But suddenly? Why so much hurry there?
And what she said was damn shocking that I stopped my car and started to stare at her with 440 volts shock again.
It should be in hurry because you had a hurry….
And I was like….means???? What??? When?
I mean what are you trying to say?
What I am trying to say is that I have a child of your in my womb! She tottaly translated that from hindi ( Tumhara bachha mere pet me hai).
And still I was shocked. Guys I was just 24 and she was 25 that what she had told me by the way, I still dont know her real age…Whatever I was becoming a father and in true words I was not ready for that guys….
So it was a secret and thats why I was drinking those beers…
one for the marraige, one for the upcoming baby and one for my unsolved future….

Thank you guys for bearing me till now….I will be back with its 3rd part…very soon…till then Tata…bye bye and enjoy with Drunken Diary…
Hrishi Raj….as Harsh….
(Iss kahani ke ghatnaa aur patra kalpanik hai…iska jeevit wyakti se sambandh ho sakta hai…par woh main nahi hun… 😛 )

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Drunken Diary…!

Ok…why I am sharing this again…
It Is just if anyone wanted to read it again and recall that afternoon again when I was drinking a beer alone…
So today after 4 years I have got chance to tell you that all secret…
So guys read it and come back…on next post I m sharing its continued part….The Drunken Diary
Hrishi Raj

I was alone there at that bar… Only one middle aged man left with me… He was drinking his bloody rum and I was having a second bottle of beer… He was looking a little bit upset and I was probably right that after two more drinks, he was going to lose his control and started to cry.
But something different happened… He came to me and asked me that why I am wasting my money on beers? I got confused, and absolutely had no clue to his question. But I had given a simple answer… It was “I don’t know sir…!”
“It means you just wanted to drink and you came?”, he replied.
I said, “Yes, sir.”
“Good to hear that very few people do what their heart says to do…”
I still don’t know what was he trying to say to me… But that man was happy for my nature of behavior. I had never seen before that somebody was happy for me at that extend…
He again said, ” You know some people says that you never share your secrets with others than yourself… But I think if your life is just like an open book you don’t want to worry at all… Cause at that time you are the happiest person in this secret world and others are much worried than you… Never try to defeat others, but try to experience and observe everything.”
He said only that and had his last drink… Then he waved me and went…
I still don’t know why he said all this stuff to me… Maybe he is suffering from something, maybe he is having some middle age issues… Maybe he was having so many secrets and he is fed up with all these… Or maybe he was just suffering from unconsciousness by that much alcohol… But one thing was sure that whatever he said was very true, he was trying to say that being simple… He thought that I was one of the people who do whatever their heart says to do and having no secrets…
Maybe he was right… But one secret is still left with me…
That why I was drinking those beers at that bar alone at two pm in the noon…!

To be continued…

— Hrishi Raj

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The Girl Who Loves Coffee In The Rain…!


When she left him,he knew that she won’t come to him again…but then too he decided to write her…even though he knows that,it’ll never change her decision.
He took that fountain pen which was gifted by her,and in the dim light of that table lamp he started to write…

My dear Coffee Girl,
I never planned this before,but I said to myself not to listen that to bloody brain and just go forward and do what that idiot heart says…and so I did,and then I realized…that moon,that river,those stars everything is fake…the only thing is in real is that you…because,without you those things are dead for me…and then my life will be fake without you…
P.S. I wanna tell you that,you make me perfect and natural…P.S. I just dont wanna lose you… I Love You so much ma coffee girl…love you so much from that idiot heart…
-Your Love


This all started,when they met eachother first time.And in the first sight they had fallen in love with each other…
It was a nice afternoon.Hrishi was trying to cross the road,and suddenly rain started.
So what it was raining…so what he and his cigarette both were wet and he was fed up by it…nobody had time to look at him,coz everybody was in the same situation,fed up and annoyed by rain…
suddenly he stopped walking…on the next side of the road he saw a girl…she was different,she wasn’t annoyed, discontented, or bored by the rain…she was enjoying her coffee and also every moment of that cloudy weather…one different glaze were in her eyes…
suddenly god knows what happened to her,with the full mug of coffee she came down in the middle of the road,and started to enjoy every drop of the rain…he thought “she was different”,and yes she was…
she was looking more beautiful in the rain,different sparks’er in her eyes,her hair also got wet and it made more contribution to glow her beauty…that beautiful different girl was enjoying every sip of her coffee in that rain…in the rain she was looking different,more gorgeous,and charming…she just opened her hands from her arms to hug the rain…and then slowly she closed her eyes and calmly gave every moment to that every drop of the rain to touch her and make her more special…

here,suddenly that annoyed, discontented, or bored rain became a beautiful,glazing,lovely and yes romantic for him…and it was only because of that girl who loves coffee in the rain…

he also went to that coffee shop,got one coffee for himself,and came down at the same place where she had been…but till then she was gone…
she was gone by teaching him that how to fall in love with the rain,and like her,now he was enjoying every sip of the coffee in the rain…and made promise to himself that he gonna found her someday…

he decided to comeback next day at same time,only for her…with praying that she must be there..and also prayed that,it must be raining next day…
yes that was a romantic rainy love started from his side,he was in love with that beautiful Girl Who Loves Coffee In The Rain…and then he took remained last sip of the coffee and then for more minutes he stood up there with rain and that empty cup…

And then next day arose…he was there again,and one prayer is already accepted by the God…

yes… was raining…

to be continued…
– Hrishi Raj

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Hello world!

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